40’ Standard Shipping Containers

These are the largest containers that we provide for both rental and purchase.
Used for either storage on site, domestic transportation of goods/ machinery, and most commonly, for international shipping. Our 40ft containers come in a variety of colours, age profiles and specifications.
This container type is available for hire and purchase in new or used condition.

Why choose a 40’ container?

Whether you need a 40ft for shipping, storage or a conversion project, it is important to pick the right ‘grade’ of container.

For shipping, you will want a CSC plated ‘Cargo worthy’ shipping container. We mainly supply used cargo worthy units, but can also provide brand new (1 trip) units upon request.

For storage, we recommend wind and watertight graded containers. All our new containers have multiple vents to prevent condensation.

For conversion projects, we can provide the container for you and carry out the modifications at one of our dedicated depots. Alternatively, you can provide your own container for the work to be done.

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Length (Internal)

39 ft 5in (12.03 M)

Length (External)

40 ft (12.2 M)

Width (Internal)

7 ft 9in (2.35M)

Width (External)

8ft (2.44 M)

Height (Internal)

7 ft 10in (2.39 M)

Height (External)

8 ft 6in (2.60 M)

Door Width

7ft 3in (2.22 M)

Door Height

7ft 6in (2.28 M)

Cubic Capacity

2,366 cf (67 m3)

Tare Weight

3,630 kg

Maximum Cargo Weight

32,500 kg


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