Optional Extras

The conversion of a container is limited only by your imagination; see the Container Uses for ideas.

However for cost effective conversion it is probably best to limit the addition of extras to those that are really necessary.

Here are some optional extras to consider …………

Paint Schemes

Containers can be painted in a range of colours.


De-humidifying strips can be purchased to reduce condensation inside a container. The de-humidifiers consist of a moisture absorbing material inside a sturdy plastic container which is then affixed to the wall of the container.


For an additional charge, the interior of a new container can be coated using a substance called 'Grafo'. Grafo reduces the effects of condensation inside the container.

Refurbished 20’ Open Top container

Refurbished 20’
Open Top container

20’ double door container

20’ Double door

20’ side entry container

20’ Side entry container