Containers for Sale

Boxtor offers a comprehensive range of new or used containers for sale.

The new equipment is generally manufactured in China and it is that a new container has made one trip carrying freight from its place of manufacture to minimise the costs of transportation.

Used containers are normally at least ten years old are usually sold as 'wind and watertight' suitable for storage. They can also be re-plated for export use.

The most readily available types are standard General Purpose containers. These are available in 10' (3m), 20' (6m) or 40' (12m) lengths; with each type having an external width of 8' (2.44m) and a height of 8'6” (2.59m).

20' and 40' High Cube containers are also supplied and the increased height of 9'6" (2.85m) can provide that useful extra capacity. The width is the same as the standard containers at 8' (2.44m).

For the range of containers and dimensions available see Container types, both Standard and Specials.

See Container Uses for ideas.

Refurbished 20’ Open Top container

Refurbished 20’
Open Top container

20’ double door container

20’ Double door

20’ side entry container

20’ Side entry container