Steel General Purpose containers provide a very economical and effective solution to potential problems of theft and vandalism.

Normally fabricated from corrugated mild or Corten steel panels over a heavy gauge mild steel frame, they have double "barn" doors on the end and each door has two locking bars. These locking bars have cams on both ends which fit into retainers on the upper and lower rails.

The right door effectively locks the left and padlocks can be fitted to customs catches on both.

Containers can be made more secure by fitting a padlock housing ("Lock Box" or "Cowl") to the doors. This optional feature is designed to enclose a security lock and restricts access by bolt croppers or hacksaw.

The housing is attached to the right hand door so that when this door is closed it covers a staple lug welded to the left hand door.

This is then only accessible from the open underside of the lock box.

Ideally a shutter padlock should then be used to secure the doors. The key aperture within the lock is also accessed from the underside of the padlock housing.

Door closed + Lock box
Door open + Lock box
Padlock inserted
Padlock in position
Inserting key
Typical padlock
Refurbished 20’ Open Top container

Refurbished 20’
Open Top container

20’ double door container

20’ Double door

20’ side entry container

20’ Side entry container