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Self-storage using shipping containers as a ‘storage solution’ is a sector which has seen huge
growth and continued to expand year on year within the UK. Landowners with space to spare on site look
at self-storage as a lucrative opportunity to best make use of their land.

We have seen a large increase in enquiries from those who own farmland, with the space to have numerous storage containers on their farm to add value to their business.

Disused barns, sheds and old warehousing structures provide a fantastic option to house a containerised indoor storage facility. Access is usually very good on farms to allow customers clear access do drive right up to their storage unit. It is easy for HIAB lorries to deliver the containers without any issues.

The pandemic has had little effect on slowing down the growth of the self-storage sector.

It continues to expand year on year, with almost 2,000 self-storage sites in the United
Kingdom as of December 2021.
Boxtor manufactures its very own new build 20’ standard shipping containers. These are a fantastic option for self-storage as they have 14 air vents, 3 bar ‘easy open’ doors and a lockbox fitted as standard for added security.

We offer these storage units in a variety of different paint colours, flooring types and door specifications. As well as standard units, we also recommend Full side access, Double door and modified units with multiple internal
compartments for use on self-storage sites.

We have set up and supplied our very own 250 unit self storage site in Northampton; Alert
Self Storage. We are therefore extremely well placed to assist you in the supply of new
equipment for your new containerised self-storage facility.

Get in touch with us today regarding your self-storage requirements and a member of our
team will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.


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