Container Uses

Apart from the carriage of freight, the list of goods and commodities that can be stored in freight containers is almost endless.

Some of the common storage uses include:

Other more unusual applications include:

10' container rebuilt, painted green & used as a tack room
Personnel door conversion
40' conversion with personnel door
Heavy duty racking fitted in a 20’ container

Office conversion
interior view
Meat processing plant

Site office conversion


Office conversion

Container City

Container City


A significant and growing proportion of the company's activity is the supply of containers for conversion into buildings. Among a number of completed projects is the acclaimed "Container City" in East London (UK). A Boxtor customer has transformed 40' freight containers at their riverside site into a striking building, comprising workshops, offices and studios.

Container City

Container City

The same customer has also developed a multi-storey classroom ("Containerlearn") at a London University site. The 40' containers used for this project were also provided by Boxtor Limited.

There are a number of other similar projects under way all serving to demonstrate the versatility and durability of these units.

On a smaller scale another of the Boxtor customers has built a meat processing plant from two containers. Almost unrecognisable from the outside and certainly from the internal perspective - the containers have formed the basic low-cost structural framework for the building.

Container City stairwell

Container City showing
a stairwell created from
a container standing
on end

The conversion of containers into a variety of uses is limited only by the imagination.

Two 40’ containers transformed into a meat processing plant

Two 40' containers transformed
into a meat processing plant

Refurbished 20’ Open Top container

Refurbished 20’
Open Top container

20’ double door container

20’ Double door

20’ side entry container

20’ Side entry container