30ft Containers – What Are They & How Are They Fabricated?

We are often asked about if we can supply 30ft long containers. The answer is clear and simple – YES! We modify a 40ft container to create a 30ft unit. Read on to find out more!

30ft containers – what are they & how are they built?:

30ft containers are not a standard shipping container size. Standard sized shipping containers are manufacture in lengths of 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft lengths. Many of these are available in standard (8ft 6) and high cube (9ft 6) heights.

30ft long shipping containers are created by cutting down a larger unit and then ‘shutting off’ the open end. This is known as a “cut and shut”, where the original cargo doors will be removed, and welded back onto the shortened containers bodyframe. The original cargo doors are retained and the whole unit is repainted in a colour of your choice!

New vs Used

You can choose to cut down and create a 30ft container using either a NEW (1 trip from China) container, or a USED (wind and watertight) container. the advantage here of using a used box, is it will be repainted externally (and internally if required) so although there might be signs of dents/ imperfections in the bodywork, the container will be visually a lot more appealing as it has been repainted! A lockbox will also be added, along with additional air vents if required.

Please note, if you are planning on using the container for 20+ years, it’s always better to purchase a brand new (1 trip) container as it will give you longevity and peace of mind.

If in doubt, please speak to one of our team so we can best guide you in what equipment is right for your project.

Did You Know

Often, if a 40ft is cut down to create a 30ft, the remaining 10ft section will be ‘blanked off’ with a steel partition wall, and flat panel doors will be fitted to create a 10ft ‘refurbished’ cut down unit

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