Boxtor has overseen numerous bespoke design projects, including the acclaimed “Container City” in East London (UK). A Boxtor Customer has transformed 40’ shipping containers at their riverside site into a striking building, comprising workshops, offices and studios.


The same customer has also developed a multi-story classroom (“Containerlearn”) at a London University site. The 40’ containers used for this project were also provided by Boxtor.

There are a number of other similar projects underway, all serving to demonstrate the versatility and durability of these units, and the wide array of functions they can be used for.

Seaview YC- Changing rooms

On a smaller scale, another of Boxtor’s customers requested custom made changing rooms and yacht component storage for a sailing club on the Isle of Wight. Additional lighting, power sockets and heating was added, along with high security windows. A compartment was created inside the cargo doors thereby maximising all the space.

Alert Self Storage- Northampton

We have also converted new 20′ shipping containers into self-storage units, dividing the container into two storage units by creating a partition wall and creating two ‘easy open’ personnel doors on one side. This allows for better access to your stored goods!

Boxtor prides itself in a ‘never give up’ attitude when it comes to delivering our containers to our customers sites.


We recently supplied 1 x new 20′ standard shipping container from our Felixstowe depot and 1 x new standard 40′ shipping container from our Southampton depot for a site near Heathrow airport. However, this was not the most straightforward of deliveries!


The skates that were used to assist in getting our customers new 20ft shipping container over the bridge safely!
The picture shows the skates used to safely move the 20ft unit over the bridge.

Our customer required their new 20′ container to be placed to the ground on the other side of a 17.5 Tonne weight restricted bridge. The problem is, HIAB lorry’s weigh over 17 tonnes without the container loaded, therefore we could not get the lorry and container safely over the bridge together. The access was also very tight for a lorry with the width of the bridge posing problems too. SO, after a site visit by one of our hauliers, David Watson Transport, they willingly took on the challenging job. Read on below to find out!


The forklift was carefully driven over the bridge and assisted in pushing the container on the skates

DW Transport decided to lift the container off the lorry, place the container on ‘skates’ and push the 20ft unit over the bridge using a small forklift on site. With the assistance of both the driver and site manager, they successfully squeezed this brand new dark green container over the narrow bridge. As you can see in the pictures attached to this post, there were only a few inches to spare either side of the container!!!

The sites forklift proved vital to move the 20ft over the bridge.
Only a few inches either side!!

A huge thank you must go to the guys @ David Watson Transport for assisting with this unusual delivery and safely getting the box ‘in situ’ in its required position off the back of their rigid HIAB lorry.

The 40ft container followed a few days later on an articulated HIAB lorry and was safely placed to the floor after another 20ft container was moved a few feet to the left hand side to make space for the latest addition!

The container safely in its required position.