2 x 40ft Used containers delivered to Cambridge

Did you know we also supply USED containers of all types and sizes?

Green is definitely one of the easiest colours on the eye! We can often supply used 20fts and 40fts green.

Here we have a recent delivery where our client ended up double stacking 2 x 40ft USED (wind and watertight) high cubes on top of each other.
We can supply heavy duty steel stacking pins to ensure safe practice of container stacking. They will later fix a staircase and landing to allow for upper level storage access to the top container.

When considering the purchase of a used 40ft container, there are several factors to take into account to ensure you get the best value and condition. Here’s a detailed overview:

Types of 40 Containers

  1. Standard Dry Van (standard) shipping containers: Used for general cargo shipment and storage.
  2. High Cube Containers: 1 foot taller than standard containers, providing more vertical space. These containers are also used for general cargo shipment and storage.
  3. Refrigerated Containers: Equipped with cooling systems for perishable goods. These often move foods and drinks of all types around the world. 
  4. Open Top Containers: With removable roofs for oversized cargo.
  5. Flat Rack Containers: With collapsible sides, ideal for heavy machinery and vehicles.


Inspection Checklist

  1. Exterior Condition:
    • Check for rust, dents, and structural damage.
    • Inspect the corners and edges for signs of wear.
    • Look at the paint condition; peeling paint can indicate underlying rust.
  2. Interior Condition:
    • Ensure the flooring is intact and free from holes.
    • Check for water damage or leaks.
    • Smell for mold or chemical odors.
  3. Doors and Seals:
    • Test door functionality; they should open and close smoothly.
    • Inspect the rubber seals for cracks and wear.
  4. Certification and Documentation:
    • Verify that the container has a valid CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate IF USING FOR SHIPPING.
    • Review the container’s maintenance and repair history. Check for previous holes/ major dents and/ or flooring damage.


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“Excellent customer service. Dominic, Nicola and Val on the team were ultra helpful and nothing was too much trouble. The delivery driver Lee’s skill at deploying the container in the tightest of spaces with amazing precision has to be seen, really impressed with the service.”
– Peter

The whole experience from initial…

“The whole experience from initial enquiry right through to delivery was flawless. Queries to the sales team were answered quickly and they went out of their way to arrange for pick up of old containers when the new ones were delivered. The new containers are superb….one very happy customer. :)”
– David Sanders

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“We purchased a reefer through Boxtor and Dominic was our main point of contact since the beginning. He provided us with a competitive quote and made sure that the reefer was delivered as soon as possible. The whole process was seamless and we are very happy with the overall experience. We are looking forward to doing business with Boxtor again in the near future”
– Theo Alatas

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