Optional Extras

Here at Boxtor, we understand that you might want to carry out a few extra modifications to your shipping container. Our depots have numerous facilities and services including repainting, repairs, grafo treatment application, lockbox welding and CSC plating of your container.


Our new containers come in either dark blue or dark “olive” green for our general purpose (standard type), high cube, open top and open sided shipping containers, and white for reefer units, however they can be repainted upon request to a RAL colour of your choosing for an additional charge at one of our depots. Let us know if you need your container painted in a certain RAL colour and we will do our best to make it happen!

Green option for container colour
Bottle Green
RAL 6007
A shipping container is available in blue as an optional extra
Cobalt Blue
RAL 5013

Anti-Condensation Poles - Absorpole®

Overtime, condensation can potentially damage some of the items inside your container. To prevent this, anti-condensation poles can be purchased to reduce condensation inside the container.

These Absorpole’ s are extremely effective, straightforward but important additions for all containers. The strips consist of a moisture absorbent material inside a sturdy plastic holder which is suspended on the inside walls of the container.

Enquire today if you require single or multiple poles for your shipping container.

CSC Plating

CSC Plating optional extra

All our new (1 trip) containers already come with a valid CSC certification. This certification takes place in the factory where it was manufactured, and it means the container has passed all relevant safety certifications and is therefore suitable for export shipping. The new container will then be valid for international shipping for a period of 5 years. After this 5-year period this container must be checked on an annual basis to ensure it is fit for purpose for shipping. Once a container has been purchased, it is now the responsibility of the new owner to maintain the containers standard.

If you are buying a used container, this may well require an update to its CSC certification if you are using it for the purposes of shipping. We can happily update the CSC plate at one of our depots. Please make us aware if this is a requirement of yours.

  • CSC plating can be updated at our Depot
  • Validates your container for export shipping for 12 months +
  • All our new containers are already CSC plated


For an additional charge, the interior roof of a new container can be coated using a substance called ‘Grafo’, which reduces the effects of condensation inside the container. This can either be done prior to shipping the unit to you, or we arrange for one of our contractors to facilitate it at a location of your choice.

‘Grafo-therm’ is a very efficient and protective substance that provides the very best protection against condensation for your valuables and items. Here are some features of ‘Grafo’:

  • Up to 2mm coating applied to roof panels
  • Anti-flammable and non toxic solution
  • Light colour therefore matches the interior of container
  • Grafo applied at our depots.
  • POA

Boxtor can carry out on site mobile Grafo therm application. We have access to a mobile Grafo treatment specialist who will visit your site and install within your containers. Please enquire to find out more about pricing.


If you are after a new or used shipping container, why not get in touch and we can fulfil your requirements today!

Fill in our bespoke quote form and we can get back to you quickly with a price breakdown.


Steel General Purpose standard shipping containers provide a very economical and effective solution to potential problems of theft and vandalism.

All our new (1 trip) containers come fitted with security cowls (slimline lockboxes) as standard. If you are purchasing a used container and require a lockbox to be fitted, please let us know as we can fit these to your used container prior to delivery.

Lockboxes help prevent potential break ins due to the steel cowl shielding the padlock from the likes of heavy duty bolt cutters or angle grinders. We can also supply and deliver heavy duty ‘Cesar’ locks for an additional fee to supply for your container doors.

With a Lockbox and a Padlock, it will provide your container with the best possible security, so make sure your container is secure by fitting a lockbox to it.

Shipping container with lockbox
Lockbox with padlock
A closed lockbox- an optional extra for Boxtor's shipping containers


At boxtor we supply two types of Padlocks to offer the best security possible for your containers. Both padlocks fit all sizes and types of containers and are therefore ideal to prevent any unwanted guests in your storage units.

These padlocks created with a steel body and reinforced with a steel armoured jacket to prevent corrosion and damage. This is the perfect padlock to deter criminals due to its heavy-duty nature. If you accompany this with a lockbox it will make criminals think twice about breaking into your container!

The Squire WS75 has become an industry giant in recent years, due to its extreme resistance and security reliability. This padlock has also been credited for its protection not only from thieves but from harsh weather conditions and therefore Is very anti-corrosive. Squire provides a 10-year guarantee on all their locks, showing their immense reliability and trust in
their padlocks.

Lockbox with padlock
Shipping container with lockbox

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