Delivery to your Site

We pride ourselves for having long standing relationships with our teams of dedicated hauliers. We organise the delivery and placement of the container to your delivery address, making sure the container is positioned exactly where you want it.

We deliver our shipping containers to your site using HIAB self offloading lorry. For delivery of 2 x 20ft or 1 x 40ft, an articulated HIAB truck  will be used. Wagon and drag HIAB lorries or RIGID HIAB lorries will be used for deliveries where access is restricted, or when only one 20ft container is going to site.


1. You can collect the containers from our depots yourselves.

2. We can deliver with flatbed skeleton trailer (without crane) and you can lift off at site yourself with forklift/ crane / telehandler!

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Ideally, your site should have level, hard standing ground as our vehicles will not drive over fields, grass, muddy areas or uneven ground. If you want the haulier to go over anything other than hard standing ground, you must advise us beforehand.


We strongly advise placing concrete or wooden corner posts underneath each corner of the container to ensure it remains perfectly level on slightly uneven/ softer ground. This will also ensure your container doors remain unobstructed and fully operational. Using railway sleepers or concrete slabs is a common solution for the above.


Containers are large, and so too are the trucks that deliver them. The lorry needs to pull up near to where you want your container positioned.

The area must be clear of all overhead cables and branches, with enough room for the lorry to manoeuvre. If there are any obstacles, fences etc in the way please inform us first, and preferably email us pictures of the desired location for the container. This will help us and both the haulage company in accessing the area, and help prevent additional costs should any problems arise with delivery.


There are a variety of different crane mounted lorries. Depending on what you order, one of the below will deliver your new shipping containers directly to your site.

If you are receiving 1 x 20 FT container, usually, a ‘rigid’ lorry will deliver this to you. These are 10 M (32FT) in length and 2.7 M wide. If you are receiving a pair of 20FT containers, a lorry with a ‘draw-bar trailer’ will be used (up to 16.5M long). For anything larger (40FT units and 2 x 20ft units with good access at site) an articulated HIAB lorry will be used (up to 18 M in length).


If you are looking to export a loaded shipping container which is on the ground, then you will need a sidelifter. This type of lorry is only required when delivering the container to the port once loaded. Please be aware your site will require very good access as the sidelifter will need to position itself adjacent to the container prior to the lift onto its chassis.

If your site has a heavy lift forklift/ you have lifting facilities on site, then the loaded container can be lifted onto the trailer. We would send a ”skelly’ trailer with tractor unit, avoiding additional costs. Let us know if this is the case. 


Our haulage quotes are based on the haulier spending a maximum of one hour on site.

The delivery vehicle requires clearance of 13’6” en route to the drop-off point and a minimum of 18’ at the point of lift-off. We strongly advise you to make sure that our haulier can gain unrestricted access to the site to avoid any unnecessary costs occurring!

If a loaded container is being transported or repositioned, please be aware that the contents of the container may move when lifted and we would not be held responsible for any damage caused.

A Boxtor shipping container being delivered to a customer
This image shows a side loader articulated lorry

2 x 20ft containers being lifted off an articulated HIAB trailer by one of our dedicated hauliers.

Please do let us know if your site requires a “wagon and drag” HIAB lorry due to limited space on site, instead of the one pictured here.

The articulated HIAB’s require a lot more room to manoeuvre, being nearly 60 ft in length from cab to trailer.  

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“Excellent customer service. Dominic, Nicola and Val on the team were ultra helpful and nothing was too much trouble. The delivery driver Lee’s skill at deploying the container in the tightest of spaces with amazing precision has to be seen, really impressed with the service.”
– Peter

The whole experience from initial…

“The whole experience from initial enquiry right through to delivery was flawless. Queries to the sales team were answered quickly and they went out of their way to arrange for pick up of old containers when the new ones were delivered. The new containers are superb….one very happy customer. :)”
– David Sanders

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“We purchased a reefer through Boxtor and Dominic was our main point of contact since the beginning. He provided us with a competitive quote and made sure that the reefer was delivered as soon as possible. The whole process was seamless and we are very happy with the overall experience. We are looking forward to doing business with Boxtor again in the near future”
– Theo Alatas

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