40ft side opening (full side access):

Side opening containers incorporate not only standard cargo doors at one end, but multiple sets of large doors down the right-hand side of the container to allow for great accessibility. This unit type is predominantly available in HIGH CUBE size, giving you 1ft of extra height internally.

New (1 Trip) 40ft side opening doors:

These 40ft specialised containers are a fantastic option when you need to access stored goods quickly, without having to empty the container from the cargo door end. Built at the
factory in China and have been shipped ‘one way’ to the UK, these units are manufactured to the highest ISO regulations.

These units are of the highest quality and condition and are guaranteed to be wind and watertight, ensuring that all your goods and items are safe and protected. 

Additionally, due to their large size, these containers offer endless possibilities for conversion and modification to suit your personal needs making them ideal for storage or commercial needs. We can add partition walls within this unit type which makes it ideal for self-storage use.

20ft TUNNEL (DOUBLE DOOR) container features

10+ vents


28 mm marine grade plywood flooring

Dark green or dark blue paint colours

3 locking bar “easy open” doors with rubber handle


Ideal for loading pallets and bulky/ awkward sized cargo, our 40ft side opening shipping containers provide the best solution for easy access to your stored goods. They are also a
very popular option nowadays for use as pop up bars, food outlets, retail outlets at sport events and festivals and mobile ticketing/ medical units.


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