New 20ft Container Delivered with Rigid HIAB to Basildon

About the Job

Boxtor recently supplied 1 x new 20ft dark green shipping container to a regular customer in Basildon, Essex. The unit was built to premium self-storage spec, with 18 air vents, 3 locking bar ‘easy open’ doors and a lockbox. The unit needed to be dark green RAL 6007 to ensure it matched the rural environment it was being placed within. The farmyard required a 20ft 1 trip (new) container to be delivered using a rigid HIAB lorry. The area on the farm site where the container needed to be placed was restricted in its access.

In these instances,  we will always use a shorter delivery lorry, known as a Rigid HIAB. These vehicles carry either 1 x 20ft container, or 2 x 10fts. These lorries are approx. 12M in length, and 3 metres wide. They are always used wherever possible for jobs that have difficult access, as they are shorter and more manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Some of our delivery trucks have rear wheel steering, allowing for an even smaller turning circle / improved manoeuvrability.

Did You Know

The benefit of this lorry type is that you can add a draw bar trailer to the back of it, allowing the truck to carry 2 x 20ft containers. If you do have space for this lorry type when accepting delivery, it ensures haulage costs are much lower when ordering 2 x 20ft units, than ordering 1 x at a time, as it only adds approx. £50-100 per load depending on the distance.

You must ensure you allow additional space beyond just the lorry’s standard width, as the HIAB does need to put its stabiliser legs out (which is usually at least 2 Metres of additional space required either side of the truck.

The container was safely placed to the floor on this job, and we thank our customer Claire for her kind words below!


Container on HIAB lorry
Green container being took off a HIAB lorry
green container on back of HIAB lorry

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