New 20ft Double Doors & New 20ft Standard Containers Delivered to Self Storage Site

Supplying new RAL 5013 dark blue standard double door containers to an expanding self storage facility in Cambridgeshire

Boxtor recently supplied 16 x no. 20ft new RAL 5013 containers and 8 x no. 20ft new RAL 5013 double door (tunnel) containers to an expanding self storage facility in Cambridgeshire.

Our client required 16 x no. new dark blue 5013 containers, all with 3 locking bar ‘easy open’ doors. This door handle type is what we would strongly recommend for self-storage use, as the waist high handle allows for ease of opening/ closing by end users at your self-storage facility.

Our high specification self storage units come with up to 18 x no. air vents for a great air flow and ventilation process inside our units. 3 locking bar doors come as standard on all our new containers, so you are sure to order the best possible specification and quality from us.

Our client also required 8 x no 20ft new RAL 5013 double door containers (tunnels) with a steel partition wall inserted inside the unit. We weld these steel partition walls into place prior to delivery, so the container is ready to go as soon as it arrives on site. 20ft double door contains offer customers the ability to create 2 x 10ft storage units within 1 x 20ft container.

We delivered all 24 x 20ft containers within a 24 hour time period. We thank our client for their longstanding custom and look forward to supplying them again soon.

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