8ft & 10ft containers are ideal for indoor farm storage

Containerised self-storage has been increasing in popularity over the last decade. As of 2022, the turnover in the industry was £990 million according to the Self-storage Association. It is for this reason that many farmers have decided to start their own self-storage sites. 

However, some farmers have limited space appropriate for a large self-storage site and so some farmers have had to downsize their container sizes and find suitable locations for a container site. This is why many farmers have been purchasing 8ft and 10ft shipping containers to put in their barns and unused warehouses.


For farmers, this storage solution comes with several benefits. Firstly, it allows a farmer to offer a diverse range of shipping container sizes and types which can be appealing for customers.

Additionally, keeping these smaller storage units inside shields them from environmental conditions that would normally wear down a container. In this way, indoor containerised self-storage increases a unit’s lifespan and security. 

You might think that inserting these containers inside must be a significant challenge. However, because farmers are using these smaller container sizes for their indoor storage option it allows them to be transported via tractor with ease.

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At Boxtor, not only do we provide high specification 8ft and 10ft containers, but we also provide premium self-storage consultancy and site layout advice, so that your transition into the self-storage industry is as smooth and easy as possible.

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