BOXTOR BULLETIN – ISSUE 02 – Multidoor Monday!

Welcome back for the second edition of Boxtors monthly new bulletin, aptly named BOXTOR BULLETIN!

As we all keep a beady eye on the ever changing situation in the middle east, it is becoming a ‘new norm’ to see all the major shipping lines  now rerouting their large container ships around the southern cape of Africa, as mentioned in our previous bulletin. 

Although this does mean a longer TT (Transit time), ships are still on the move, carrying all our shiny new shipping containers across to Europe and the UK, with most of them heading to self-storage sites across the UK.

 Production Update

Chinese New Year is also upon us, with shipping container factories in the far east halting production lines until early March, when they reopen again for business. 

We placed large orders prior to this closure, and have equipment in our depots, and also on the water, arriving into UK ports over the coming weeks. This includes the below:

All the above equipment is built to the highest standards and specifications, with self-storage use in mind (large number of vents, easy open doors, coated floors etc).

40ft Multidoors Are On The Way

We have a bespoke batch of 40ft multidoors heading to the UK in RAL 5013 dark blue and RAL 7015 Grey. These have been built in three variations:

  • 40ft with 8 x storage compartments (dark blue for a client)
  • 40ft with 5 x storage compartments (dark blue for a client)
  • 40ft with 4 x storage compartments (dark grey for a client)

We manufacture these multidoor containers to the highest standards and specifications for our self-storage clientele. 

  • Built with the cargo doors removed entirely, this means the end unit is not at risk from break in / access thru the original cargo doors. You can however have the original doors if you so wish.
  • Our multidoors come with a huge number of vents all around the containers, so every steel panel of the container has fantastic ventilation to help keep storage goods dry and condensation at bay.
  • All the individual storage compartments come with ‘easy open’ waist high door handle with a rubber coated end. This means your customers have ease of access to their stored goods. These doors also come with factory fitted slimline lockboxes.
  • FSF film coated bamboo hardwood flooring means the floor is protected and easy to clean with a mop. 
  • Steel partition walls fully sealed and welded in place at our far east factory. Units arrive into the UK ready to go for delivery to your self storage site.
  • Available in a paint colour of your choice, we can paint your bespoke containers in ANY RAL colour of choice at the factory, so your containers can match your branding / fit into the local surroundings.

20ft multidoors are available in 2 x door and 4 x door variations.

40ft multidoors are available in 4 x door, 5 x door, 8 x door and 9 x door variations.

Did You Know?

Multidoor shipping containers have been around in the world of self storage for a while now. We’ve been involved in manufacturing this particular type of container for over a decade. Our very own self storage facility in Northampton– Alert Self Storage – has a large number of 20ft multidoors in 2 x door and 4 x door variations.

 We are looking to add more of these in the future as we grow and expand our facility. Multidoors are a great unit type to help ‘plug the gaps’ at the end of a row. They are also great to position along a fenceline/ adjacent to a longer wall. They can also be considered for upper level storage options too at your facility.

To wrap up our February edition of Boxtor bulletin, please read on below to find out about what we have coming up!


Boxtor at the SSA show
Boxtor at the SSA show


When: Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th April

Where: Telford International Centre, Telford

Find out more here:

A final note from our Sales Director:
We are very much looking forward to being back at the SSA conference in April to discuss all things self-storage! We are growing as a business year on year, building more and more shipping containers  for new & existing self-storage sites up and down the UK. Please do get in touch if you require pricing and/ or information & advice regarding self-storage supply / planning/ consultation. We do have our own facility, so are very well versed in supplying containers into this sector. 

For those attending Telford in April – see you all then.

Best wishes,
Dominic Coy  – Boxtor Limited.

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