Boxtor recently supplied Modul systems with a refurbished 10ft container (in good, used condition) with an internal steel cage and lockable access door to a van racking manufacturer based in Berkshire (with Head offices in Sweden).

About the Client

Modul systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of racking solutions for service vehicles. The racking solutions are produced in our state of the art factory in Sweden. The products are manufactured using some of the most advanced production technologies in Europe. The manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001 certification, and also comply with the European TÜV standard.

The Initial Enquiry

Mike contacted Boxtor through our website to discuss his container project. Modul Systems required a secure, lockable storage solution to house a cabinet/ safe of keys on site. We discussed various options, and went for the decision to insert a secure, steel cage within a 10ft shipping container. This steel cage was fitted as close to the cargo door as possible to maximise space inside the unit. 

The steel cage wall which is fitted across the width of the container has a lockable steel personnel door in the centre of it to allow for access.This ensures the container is extra secure as it has 2 x layers of doors to get through to be able to access what is stored inside.

The container was recently repainted in white externally, and touched up internally. The unit had a lockbox fitted to it, and original container cargo doors. This unit was then delivered to site with a rigid HIAB lorry.

TO  NOTE: 20 day lead time from initial email enquiry to the delivery of the modified container to site!


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