2 x New 40′ High Cubes Delivered to Rotherham

Boxtor recently completed a job for a firework manufacturer based near Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The company required two 40ft high cube containers in new/ 1 trip condition to store additional stock and palletised goods.

Nigel and his team were no strangers to having containers delivered. This job was also by no means a straightforward standard delivery. Instead of using HIAB self offloading trucks, a huge mobile crane was required on site to lift the containers up and over the top of a building in the customers driveway.

We delivered the two 40ft high cube containers one at a time on flat bed skeleton trailer (without the crane mounted on the truck). The mobile crane was positioned adjacent to the lorry in the driveway. Once everyone was in position, the container was lifted off the trailer and over the building.

Both containers were positioned safely next to each other on the other side in situ on the ground level. A HIAB crane would not of been able to carry out such a manouvre as it does not have the reach or height capable of lifting a container this high, therefore a large mobile crane is the only option here.
If you have challenging access and require this type of delivery, get in touch with our team today for more information and pricing.


“Top class service from the initial enquiry. I’ve bought a few containers in the past from different companies but I simply won’t go anywhere else now, direct to Boxtor every time.
I purchased 2x 40ft containers as one trippers. They were exactly as described plus coming with lock boxes etc fitted. Do I sound a bit geeky saying they where so nice inside I thought I could move in ”
Nigel Turver

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