About the customer:

IPTS is a successful, family owned and run business which was established in 1992. They have a large site in Nottinghamshire and also in Yorkshire. Both sites hold large quantities of pallet stock (both refurbished and new).

The extensive facility allows IPTS to produce standard or adapted pallets depending on their customers’ requirements. Their own in-house transport enables pallets to be delivered quickly and cost effectively.

IPTS Customer requirements: when we initially spoke with IPTS, they required 2 x good condition 40ft High Cubes for their site in Doncaster to provide additional storage at the pallet warehousing and storage facility. The containers were to be used on site to provide additional ‘static storage’ for a variety of different goods.



Our recommendation:

We suggested that perhaps due to the UK market (at the time of the enquiry) being flooded with new 40ft high cubes, this had driven the price down considerably to purchase brand new (1 trip) containers. Now was a better time than ever to choose a NEW container as the price was only slightly more than a used grade one (wind and watertight, 10-14 + years of age) container!

IPTS required them to be blue in colour. After patiently waiting two weeks for these 2 units to arrive, they were both delivered with articulated HIAB lorry.



The end result:

IPTS were very happy with the first two containers, and went on to order another dark blue 40ft high cube 1 trip (new) shipping container. This third container required locking pins, as they needed the third container to be lifted with HIAB lorry and double stacked on top of the ground level unit, maximising cubic storage capacity on site whilst taking up minimal square footage on the ground level.

We hope to supply IPTS with more units in the near future!

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