Recent Delivery of Numerous ‘Mini’ Self Storage Containers To A Container Self Storage Site in Hampshire

We recently supplied our customer with 10 x 10’ NEW ISO RAL 6007 containers and 10 x 8’ RAL 6007 containers. We have been with Will since the start of his self-storage journey and are very happy and grateful that we can continue to supply him with our very own COYU mini units. Will also offers a large number of 20’ units with 3 bar “easy open” doors and 12 + air vents at his facility.

Mini 8’ and 10’ are an ideal storage size to offer your self-storage customers. (it is key to offer different unit sizes on site as not everyone wants a 20ft unit!).

Some Facts About the Order:

– All 20 x units were delivered on 1 day with HIAB lorries.
-The units are freighted empty from our factory in China, with the 8’ going inside the 10’.
-These are linked and locked together and are known as interlocked “mini” sets.
-Our units come with slimline lock boxes, lots of air vents, FSF easy clean flooring and are immaculate!

Did You Know?

  • Boxtor can build these units with EASY OPEN DOORS (2 or 3 locking bars) and up to 8 x air vents if you need!
  • We can supply them in a paint colour of your choice.
  • We deliver these units nationwide with HIAB self-offloading crane lorries.
  • We are specialists in self storage container supply, with over 35 years of experience supplying new containers into this sector. We also have our very own containerised self storage facility in Northampton, so are very knowledgeable in the supply of units for this exact purpsose.

If you require new shipping containers for your self-storage site, delivered by a highly trusted & reputable supplier, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.


“Boxtor supplied my Winchester site with containers in sizes – 20ft,10ft, 8ft. Good quality boxes and great customer service. Highly recommend Boxtor!”

William Boughey, Director of WJB Self Storage

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