Our customer enquired about purchasing four brand new (1 trip) 40ft blue high cube containers to be delivered to their site in Harlow, Essex with HIAB truck.

We staggered the delivery process as they wanted three 40ft units all together in one go, with the final unit coming separately. We used one articulated HIAB truck and two flatbed articulated trucks to allow us to deliver three units together on the same morning. 40ft high cube shipping containers are some of the largest containers we supply to the UK market. The extra foot in height means you can load these large containers with palletised goods or large, bulky items which perhaps cannot fit in a standard height container. Forklift trucks can also load/unload inside these containers with the extra height. 1 trip units come with a lockbox for added security and air vents to allow for air flow. This in turn prevents condensation or sweating during large changes in temperature. They also look great and will give you a minimum of 25 years use for static site storage!


We ordered 4 containers 40' HQ and from start to finish excellent service. would recommend 100% if we need to order more this would be first company I would go to.

Darren M, Greenbrook Ltd

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