New 20′ Tunnels for Self Storage Site

Boxtor recently supplied a brand new batch of 20ft new (1 trip) double door containers to a self-storage site in the Midlands.

Tunnels are a fantastic option for containerised self storage facilities as they have a double set of doors on this type of container. Cargo doors are positioned at both ends with ‘easy open’ 3 locking bar configuration. We can then insert a 15mm steel paritioning wall which is welded into place (which is done at our depots)/ This creates 2 x no. internal 10ft containers, with access at both ends.

You therefore create two x 80ft square storage units for your storage customers. This allows sites to offer a variety of unit sizes, therefore increasing your offering. Not all customers will want or need a 20ft container (160 sq foot), so purchasing a tunnel and having these unit types fitted on your ‘middle aisle’ allows for drive up access at both ends!

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about double doors and about how we can help you to increase your offering at your self storage site.

We deliver these units with HIAB lorry, as per the photos in this case study. We can deliver up to 30 x 20ft containers in one day if required! This helps to keep the delivery costs down and maximises the efficiency of getting as many units to you as possible over a 12 hour period!

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