Youngs Transport Ltd, Purfleet and Warrington


Rob Hollyman, Director of Youngs Transport Ltd chose Boxtor to supply a new 20ft RAL 5010 shipping container that required conversion to create a lockable customs store.

Youngs Transport, a longstanding customer of Boxtor, required a new 20ft shipping container to be converted internally to create a lockable “customs cage” area within.

A “caged” area was created at the back end of the container (furthest from the doors) by creating an internal steel mesh wall which formed a ‘caged area’. The internal mesh partition wall had a
personnel door fabricated from the same steel mesh as the wall and placed in the middle of the mesh structure.

This then left the ‘office area’, which made up the remaining two thirds of the internal space be accessed by the standard double cargo doors at the front end. The internal door required its hinges to be placed on the left hand side, allowing the door to swing inwards towards the caged unit.

To finish off the unit, steel plates were then welded to the roof and down the walls where the electrics are. LED strip lighting was fitted to the ceiling and several double sockets were also dotted
around the main ‘office area’ of the container. For warmth, an electric heater was added for the colder months up in Warrington! Internally a consumer unit was fitted and for the electric hook up, an external isolator switch was fitted to the exterior of the container.

“We are extremely satisfied with the modified ‘customs steel mesh cage’ container from Boxtor.
They delivered within our very tight lead time requirements for this one so we are very happy”

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