10’ Standard Shipping Containers

These are a smaller alternative to a 20’ standard shipping container. When you are constrained by space on site, these are great options to store your goods.

Why choose a 10’ container?

Often used on construction sites, gardening centres, for offshore marine activity and for general domestic storage to name a few! Our 10’ containers are a fantastic option if you don’t have the space for a 20’ on site.

Available in either new or used condition. 10′ new builds are manufactured at the production facility in China, whilst used containers of this size are usually created from cutting down a 40′ container into sections. We can then use either ‘original’ cargo doors or ‘flat panel’ steel doors when building these types of unit. If you require an original, please let us know.

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Length (Internal)

9 ft 2in (2.8 M)

Length (External)

10 ft (3.05M)

Width (Internal)

7 ft 8in (2.35 M)

Width (External)

8 ft (2.43 M

Height (Internal)

7 ft 10in (2.39 M)

Height (External)

8 ft 6in (2.59 M)

Door Width

7 ft 8in (2.34 M)

Door Height

7 ft 5in (2.28 M)

Cubic Capacity

15.95cc 561cf

Tare Weight

1,300 kg

Maximum Cargo Weight

10,160 kg


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