How to Avoid Being Scammed By Container Sales

Over recent years, there has been an increasing number of businesses that are being scammed by fraudsters saying that they are shipping container suppliers, for them to then not receive the container they “ordered” despite parting with their own money. The scammers often identify as a real shipping container supplier, such as Boxtor, which makes it extremely easy for victims to be ripped off. This post looks at the different ways you can spot a potential scam and how you can avoid being ripped off.

How to Spot A Shipping Container Scam

It can be very difficult to initially spot a potential scam. The fraudsters will identify as a legitimate company, such as Boxtor. 

In addition, a scammer would then typically set up a ‘sale’ on marketplace sites such as Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or Amazon. 

Once a potential customer gets in touch using a fake email address or phone number, the scammer will provide a quote. Once the customer makes the ‘purchase’ and sends the scammer their money, they will then be unable to contact the scammer nor will they ever receive the shipping container they think they have ordered.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Contact the Agent Directly

One of the best ways to ensure that you are not being scammed is by contacting the shipping container supplier company directly. This can usually be done via a phone number, email address or a contact form on their website. At Boxtor, we could typically guide you through the quote which you have received and be able to identify which are legitimate and which are fake. This is due to the nature of the industry which is tight-knit within the UK. All UK based suppliers do know of each other, so we can very quickly identify who is a legitimate supplier, and who is fake.

If you do hear from someone who claims they work for boxtor they will contact you via the following email  – – and phone number – 01371 811 111.


Another question which you should ask yourself when you receive your quotes is whether the price is too good to be true? Sometimes the price can seem too low for the container which you have been quoted for. This is a really strong sign that it could potentially be a complete scam.

Another way you can be sure is if you have to make a large payment immediately. The industry norm is that we do take payment up front on a first order, however if they ask for the full payment then it is best to double check with the supplier directly.


If they are asking for your card details / payment over the phone, this can also be a clear sign that they may well be linked to fraudulent activities, so be careful with this.

For payment for shipping containers, BACS (bank transfer) payment is preferred into a legitimate company bank account.This shows that the container supplier is real, and not posing as someone fake. You can check with your bank, or contact the company’s bank to run a credit safe check on the business if you are unsure. 

At Boxtor, if you wish to make payment with a debit/ credit card over the phone, we use SAGE PAY by Opayo and we will send you a receipt of your transaction immediately after payment is taken. Your card details are not stored and it is an entirely safe and protected way of taking payment if you wish to do it this way.


Another way you can be fairly confident that the price you received is a scam is if the seller includes free delivery. This is because the haulage often has to be individually quoted, depending on the delivery address. Container suppliers have to pay the transport companies for their services, so more often than not, if they are offering free delivery, it is most likely to be a scam. Some companies quote with delivery included in the price, and therefore the quote should be higher and reflect this.


Finally, Online marketplaces such as EBAY and facebook marketplace are a great place to find an absolute steal on shipping containers.. HOWEVER – be careful on platforms like this. Although the offer might be tempting, you may well part ways with your money and never get the container that was described in the photo/ description. Regarding delivery, they may well not have a lorry capable of moving a unit. Always question purchasing something like this online on a market place. ALWAYS BUY FROM A TRUSTED UK SUPPLIER.



We are rated 5* on Trustpilot and 5* on Google. We always ask our customers to provide feedback after they have received their shipping container (s) from us. We always strive to be the best supplier in the industry, with unbeatable customer service and communication from start to finish. Any feedback, good or bad, is always well received. Check out online reviews of companies to ensure the feedback is mostly positive, not negative!


Check out our company case studies section on our website. Our customers have left some very kind words regarding our services, as we strive to push on and continue to be the best supplier in the UK shipping container market.


You can run a credit check/ credit safe check online to see a company’s credit limit. Usually, a strong credit rating will mean the company can be trusted and you are therefore in good hands.

Double Check the Company Details

Another way you can be certain that the seller if legitimate is by double checking the contact details on Google. You can search the contact details on your invoice on Google and by searching Company House to double check the details are correct and match up.


Usually, legitimate shipping container suppliers will have a number of social media accounts, such as LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. Check them out online first to see that they are posting accurate and real content, which has been authorsied and uploaded correctly. Check out our posts on BoxtorUK on instagram to get an idea of what we can do as a company!

Get in Touch if You are Unsure

If you receive a quote or invoice from someone who claims they work for Boxtor then it is best to contact us. You can do this through our official website, or the quickest way is by calling us on 01371 811111. By doing this, you can be certain that the quote you have received is real and potentially avoid losing thousands of pounds by handing your money over to the many fraudsters out there that exist in the UK marketplace. 

We hope you have found this article interesting and informative. If you want to talk shipping containers, speak to our Sales Director; Dominic Coy on 0208 948 9057.

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