New mobiles stairs on site at our own self storage facility- Alert Self Storage in Northampton

These new mobile staircases offer our customers a far better experience on site when accessing the upper level storage units.

Constructed of lightweight Aluminum, they are a huge improvement on our older steel stairs.

6 large adjustable wheels allow them to be moved around site with ease by 1 user.

The 4 x main wheels come with foot breaks so the stairs will not move once in place.


Improving customer experience:

January will see us covering our site with new signage and clear instructions on how best to use the stairs, new electric entry gate and other new features that will be implemented around the site.

One of the many improvements our site will see over the coming 12 months, including a fresh delivery of new 20ft containers in our brands colour: RAL 6011 “Reseda green”, in our own COYU prefix. These are due in March.

Other improvements include groundworks improvements around the site, new CCTV cameras, Bearbox access control, Electric automatic 7M cantilever sliding gate and remote security monitoring by D.S.O.C Ant Hebblethwaite! We are also adding a new ‘pedestrian’ emergency access gate.

Finally, once all the ‘physical’ improvements have been installed, we will be updating our Self Storage Operating system

Exciting times ahead for one of the longest standing self storage sites in the UK!

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