New vs Used Containers

New Containers

‘One trip’, ‘once used’ or ‘new’ containers are primarily made in China and are transported by ship to their destination, in our case the UK. 

One thing that all customers must be aware of is the fact that all ‘NEW’ shipping containers have all done one trip carrying cargo inside them from China, therefore they will not always be in the exact condition that factory photos show them as!

We do however pride ourselves in choosing the best possible units and clean them internally and externally when required. However, on their maiden voyage they can pick up ‘bumps and bruises’ along the way.

Although there may be some scratches or very minor dents on a new container, these minor issues fall within our ISO shipping criteria of what is classified as a ‘NEW’ container. Speak to our team to find out more.

Things You May Notice:

  • Minor scrapes and scratches
  • Minor external or internal imperfections on the steelwork
  • Minor graze/ scuff marks internally from the journey
  • Minor marks/ scrapes on the floor from cargo transit/ forklift tyres


Used Containers

Used containers are containers that by definition have been used. The average life of a container is around 20-30 years and traditionally these used containers will be about halfway through their lifespan. 

They are guaranteed to be wind & watertight and up to standard, but their appearance will be vastly different to a ‘new’ container. 

A used container may often have lots of dents, scratches and even some corrosion, so if the appearance of your container is important for your project then a new container might be a better fit.


Things you may notice:

  • External scrapes and scratches
  • Rust and repair patches
  • Internal scrapes, grazes and scratches
  • External or internal denting
  • Stiff door bars
  • Branding or Logos
  • Different flooring

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